7 Quick Takes about pop tarts, airplane apps, and zumba

— 1 —

It is finished! The drip is done dripping. Our apartment looked like this for a while:



The Leasing Office of my apartment complex is about our unit and the air conditioner was dripping into our apartment for about a week. The office didn’t seem to hurried to fix it. But, I let them know my annoyance that they weren’t working hard to fix it, that we had to buy a bigger bucket (we were having to empty those mixing bowls too often), and that we had to waste so many of our precious quarters washing loads of towels cause the water was going everywhere and soaking our floor.  Don’t worry, she got it fixed the next day and gave us $2.00 in quarters.  So, now the lovely hole in the ceiling is drying out before they fix it.

— 2 —

I went to my first-ever Zumba class last night. Zumba is a choreographed dance/workout that mixes hip-hop, soca, samba, sala, merengue, mambo and martial arts. (Just read that on Wikipedia, for the record.) Well, I’m German. And Irish. And Polish. And Czech. I don’t think any of those genres of dance are native to the land of my ancestors.  I have little rhythm and coordination and I cannot move my hips and shake my booty like I was supposed to.  But, it was fun!  I even made a friend when she laughed at my dancing and sympathetically said, “Don’t worry, I was like that at first too! But, I’ve been going to Zumba for a long time now.”  I think she lied.  She was never as bad as me.  But, it turns out that, in mish life (a.k.a. missionary life) it’s good to be bad at things because it gets you friends!

— 3 —

On Wednesday night I was in bed before 10:30.  That meant that at 6:55 I woke up well-rested and before my alarm clock went off! The last time that happened was…well, I don’t know!  It was glorious!  I showered, made coffee, made breakfast and spent some time reading–all before 9am Holy Hour!

— 4 —

Speaking of making breakfast, I usually don’t.  For many reasons: I don’t particularly like breakfast, I rarely have time to eat in the morning, and my apartment complex offers it for free everyday. (Think free bagels, pop tarts, granola bars, coffee, tee, water, juices, etc.)  Well, can we all agree that this is the best breakfast ever:

pic 3


Totes dessert. Not breakfast. But, I’m not going to complain!

— 5 —

I have been living in Funcie (a.k.a. Muncie, IN) for exactly one month.  I have made my bed exactly EVERY SINGLE DAY since I’ve been here.  I feel like a grown-up.

— 6 —

One of my sisters is on her way back to the land of Cheeseheads from Singapore for a couple weeks.  That means next week I’m going back to the homeland for a weekend of family time.  We’ll all be home.  I may not have seen her (or her husband) since their wedding last September, but is it bad if I might be more excited to see the babies (nieces and nephews).  Sorry, Libby.  Well, not really that sorry because I’m sure the same holds true for you.

— 7 —

My parents celebrated their 31st anniversary this week!  And, even better, they decided to spend it with their favorite daughter in Muncie, IN.  What a treat!  My sisters and I treated them to lunch at the nicest place we could find in Muncie, we walked around my favorite place (Minnetrista…home of the Ball Brothers’ houses as well as the cultural center), went to the best bakery in town (Concannon’s), and they took my team and me out for supper!  It was a great day.  Oh, I almost forgot the part where they sat on my couch and were wildly entertained by an airplane app for children under 3:

pic 2


Happy anniversary, mom and dad!

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