Back in Action

Hey World! I’m back in action…in more ways than one!

First, the blog.

It’s been a while, my goodness!  It turns out the combo of finishing up things in North Dakota, moving to Wisconsin, spending five busy weeks in Florida, moving back to Wisco for a month, not having a regular schedule, my lack of exciting (or funny) things to blog about and my laziness is a deadly combo for not blogging in over four months.

But, since I moved far away from the babies (that is, my nieces and nephew) and the rest of my family, my little one (sister…) moved to the barbecued pork capital of the world, and Libster is still stuck in SingSing (that’s my nickname for Singapore…she’s not actually in prison in New York) I thought, “there’s no better time than the present to pick up the ole laptop and write a blog post…”  Also, the other option is unpacking and organizing my room which kind of sounds lame-o at the moment.

So, I did it.  For the first time ever I moved to the Eastern Time Zone.  Now, instead of checking the beloved CST, I’ll have to check the EST. I’m not sure how I feel about it. That’s a lie. I hate it.*

The headquarters for FOCUS is in Colordao (which, if you didn’t know, is in Mountain Time). I struggled. I had a few conference calls that I needed to attend and more than once I typed this into Google:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.57.08 AM


You’d think I wouldn’t have to do that more than once…but I did. Often. Like every time I had a meeting in Mountain Time–just to be sure I didn’t miss it.

And then there’s technology. Someone emails you asking if you can meet at 10. You (finally) figure out what time that is and say sure. Then they send you an Outlook invitation for your calendar and you accept. Then, the meeting rolls around and you have no clue that Outlook automatically changes appointment times to your timezone from the senders.  Now, if that isn’t darn confusing. Which reminds me, break time, I’ve got to check what timezone my Outlook is set in…  Okay I’m back. I couldn’t figure it out. Here’s waiting to figure it out when I get some sort of meeting invitation.

Second, I’m on campus!

Yeah, I bet you forgot this post was about me being “back in action” in more than one way because of the whole I-suck-at-timezones thing.  But, since I went on such a ridiculous rant about timezones, I’ve run out of blogging time to tell you about my move to Funcie Muncie.  I’ll leave you with a three Haikus about Muncie and a half-hearted promise to blog more often:

Muncie, Muncie, Munce
My heart belongs to you now
Don’t make me hate you

Yesterday we romped
‘Round Middletown, U.S.A.
It was really fun

My new apartment
Is literally so cute
Please, come visit me

P.S. I’m sorry that I thought blogging about the Eastern timezone was funny/exciting enough for a blog. I should have been blogging the last 4 months…I must have done things more interesting than Googling what time it is in different timezones…maybe not.

*I don’t actually hate it. It has been more of a non-issue so far. That is, until I miss my first meeting cause I forget that I live in the EST.


3 thoughts on “Back in Action

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