Daylight Savings Time!

I am just so excited.  An extra hour of daylight every. single. day. from now until the fall!  I can hardly wait.  Yeah, we lose an hour of sleep tonight.  But, I’d say the short term loss is worth it for the long-term gain of lovely sunshine during waking hours.

Wow, I just wrote a post about daylight savings time.  Come on brain.  Think of something more exciting to tell the readers.  Oh, I got it!

Today I went to TJ Maxx (because I’m a Maxxinista*).  At the checkout the cashier man (probs in his mid-to-late 20s) called me both “doll” and “sweetheart” during our typical customer-cashier-interaction.  I thought it was worth blogging about right now.  So strange…

Plea for help: If anyone has ideas of what I could blog about.  Let me know!!  I’d love to have some (new) ideas!

*I really like TJ Maxx…for their bags mostly…and household goods…and shoes.  I don’t really clothes shop in there (in case you cared).  Also, TJ Maxx didn’t pay me anything to write this.


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