Daylight Savings Time!

I am just so excited.  An extra hour of daylight every. single. day. from now until the fall!  I can hardly wait.  Yeah, we lose an hour of sleep tonight.  But, I’d say the short term loss is worth it for the long-term gain of lovely sunshine during waking hours.

Wow, I just wrote a post about daylight savings time.  Come on brain.  Think of something more exciting to tell the readers.  Oh, I got it!

Today I went to TJ Maxx (because I’m a Maxxinista*).  At the checkout the cashier man (probs in his mid-to-late 20s) called me both “doll” and “sweetheart” during our typical customer-cashier-interaction.  I thought it was worth blogging about right now.  So strange…

Plea for help: If anyone has ideas of what I could blog about.  Let me know!!  I’d love to have some (new) ideas!

*I really like TJ Maxx…for their bags mostly…and household goods…and shoes.  I don’t really clothes shop in there (in case you cared).  Also, TJ Maxx didn’t pay me anything to write this.


7 Quick Takes: Pre-Lent Treats and Fun New Toys

— 1 —

Last Sunday was the Mardi Gras party at the Newman Center.  Picture this: Mass at 5pm.  Chowing down on some delish nachos.  Get 300 dollars handed to you.  Win victory.  Well, I should expand on that.  After Mass and supper we were each given 300 (Monopoly) dollars to play carnival games.  Most of them cost $10 and if you won you got $50.  Let’s just say I’m a master at the ring toss (where you try and toss the ring over a can of pop) and the fish pond.  I had a 0% success rate for the cake walk.  Why. Could. I. Not. Win. That. One?  I stayed away from putting* and arm wrestling because I knew it was a guaranteed loss.  I also rocked the Catholic trivia more than once–though I was properly embarrassed about my lack of knowing the corporal works of mercy…got. to. study!

— 2 —

You may wonder why I was so intent on winning.  Do I need a reason besides my eternal, unquenched thirst for victory and my ever-increasing competitiveness?  Welp, I have one anyway.  I present to you “Akai” out new TV.  (So named because, well, that’s what it says on it…Akai…apparently that’s a TV brand name. Who knew?)


But, back to why Akai was my motivation.  That sweet TV wasn’t always sitting right there above Seaons 1-6 of Psych in my living room.  It used to be here:


Yes, Kelsey and my new TV used to reside at the “Live Aution.”  The TV was the best. prize. there.  And, we got it (by bidding the monopoly money we won throughout the night).  I guess the TV victory was no thanks to our fishing or ring toss skills, but all thanks to everyone who “donated” to our “support team.”

Well, little Akai has been a champ thus far (I’m currently watching a movie on ‘er).  From now on when new first-year missionaries are told they’re moving to Fargo, we can wipe away their tears** with the hope of Akai awaiting them in their ice-cold Fargo apartment!

— 3 —

Oh, I made cupcakes for the party.  I was feeling rather Mardi Gras-y.  So I made them festive, inside and out!  It was enjoyable and therapeutic!  I got many compliments about how great they tasted…to which I didn’t have the humility to reply that the cupcakes were made from a store-bought mix.  However, the frosting was homemade.  I may have found one of the best buttercream frostings yet.  (That is a Voelker Family victory since, if we could, we would probably live off of buttercream.***)

cupcakes inside


— 4 —

Last Friday Victoria and I baked something that sounded more-than-delicious.  Chocolate chip s’more cookies.  I forgot to take a picture of attempt 1, but here’s what was left of attempt 2 after Teresa, Victoria and I devoured it:


It actually looks gross.  But it was less-than-gross…way. less. than. gross.  But, not perfect.  The idea is that there is essentially a s’more (graham, mallow and chocolate) inside of the cookie.  The cookies spread a lot so it just didn’t turn out quite right.  So, we solved the problem!


I present the chocolate chip cookie s’more cupcake:


You may think it sounds ridiculous and overboard.  But it has Fat-Tuesday written all over it.  And, it also has Easter season written on it.  Let it be known: I will make these again. Probably on April 20th…or 21st.


— 5 —

This.  If you don’t know why this picture is here and raises extreme amounts of excitement for me, you don’t know me.  You don’t know my life.  Read this or pretty much any other post I’ve written in the past few months.


— 6 —

It’s Lent.  It started on Wednesday.  Lent.  Let the 40 days of sacrifice start!  Father got me good with the ashes.  I had quite the reminder that to dust I would return.  Here’s my #ashtag selfie.

ash wednesday

— 7 —

All the posts about the delicious things I baked and ate before the 40 days of darkness and life-without-sweets began…wait, I mean Lent, 40 days of Lent, make me really want candy.  Which, as it turns out is okay for today.  Why?!  It’s my feast day!!  Oh happy day to Sts. Felicity and Perpetua!  (St. Felicity is my Confirmation Saint!)  So, even though her feast day is during Lent every year, I always try and celebrate at least a little.  No, I didn’t eat meat.  But, I did eat some sweets to celebrate Felicity’s (and, of course her girl Perpetua’s) great witness of faith and trust unto martyrdom.  And, a celebration in thanksgiving for all of Felicity’s prayers for me over the past many years! 🙂


Sts. Felicity and Perpetua, pray for us!

Oh, and you should totally check out their first-hand account of their last days in exile on this earth.  Could a vase be called by anything other than what it is, a vase?  So too I cannot be called anything other than what I am, a Christian.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

*Maybe I could have won at putting.  I do have a trophy for golf.  A lot of people think that’s a joke.  But just check Bulls Eye 4-hole-girls championship records.  My name will be right next to “1998.”  But, I digress…I just didn’t want to waste money on maybe losing golf if I knew the Fish Pond was a sure thing.

**It’s kind of a pretty common thing for new-to-Fargo missionaries to cry when they find they’re placed here.

***That is everyone in the family except mom.  She’d probably rather have broccoli or something more mom-like.

The Best Decision *update*

I just have a brief post today.  A year ago today I accepted a job with FOCUS as a campus missionary.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  That is all.  Well, almost all except for the following comment about the weather.

Side note: For some reason New Orleans weather is set as the default on my phone’s weather report.  I just checked the weather.  I have to share the ridiculous temperature disparity with you…it’s over 100 degree difference.  That is, of course, if you count windchill…which I do.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.17.39 PM

After I saw this I obvi. texted Claire (who I went to visit in New Orleans) cause this is hilariously ridiculous.  She texted back and said she shared that info with the whole bar.

March certainly came in like a lion…here’s hoping leaving like a lamb means consistent, positive temps–or warmer!

P.S. I hope today marks the day you make one of the best decisions of your life and apply to be a FOCUS missionary! 🙂


I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been doing some research.  I’m still amazed that I didn’t realize until the end of January that this is one of Fargo’s colder winters.  But, I wanted to know just how cold.  All of my research was found in an article on the ABC station in Fargo.  Is it official, scientific, and peer reviewed?  No, of course not.  But it’s straight up ridiculous.  Here’s the top three quotes from that article from meteorologist Daryl Ritchison:         

1) “This winter, if you’re 40 years old or younger, is the coldest winter you remember.”
2) “In fact, it’ll go down as the 17th coldest local winter on record.”
3) “We were below zero at some point in 65 of those 90 days.” (That is the months of December-Februrary.)

My least favorite quote from the article:

“My suspicion for the spring is March will finish below average. Noticeably.”