7 Quick Takes: From Recollecting to Cuteness and Jesus Guitars

— 1 —

This is my first “7-Quick-Takes-Friday” post.  Jen, the blogger at Conversion Diary started it and now everyone and their mom is posting 7 quick takes about their week every Friday.  I thought I’d join in the fun because, ideally, it will be quick.  I imagine I can find a few minutes every Friday to jot down 7 highlights.  So, this, officially was quick take number one.

— 2 —

Today is a day of recollection (DoR).  I post about that here, but in case you missed it… last October, after asking BLT (Beloved Leader of the Team) what a DoR was he said this, “No dships, no meetings with students.  Things to do: pray, go on a walk, call family and friends, go to Mass anywhere but Newman, lay in the grass and watch the clouds float by.”  Well, he didn’t exactly say writing a blog post was allowable.  But, I’ll say taking a walk and laying on the grass watching the clouds float by today would be more like asking to get frost bite and die from coldness.  So, I’ll replace that with writing a blog post.

— 3 —

What else did the DoR include?  I drove up to Grand Forks this morning for spiritual direction, prayed for a while, went to Mass and then talked to Teresa, a missionary up at UND, for a few minutes.  Then, I drove back to Fargo and stopped at Panera.  That brings me to right now.  For the first time, ever, the piece of baguette that I got for a side was soft.  It was a strange experience eating it without feeling like I might break my teeth.  I must say, I kind of liked it.  Here’s to you, Panera.

— 4 —

Our retreat site for NDSK1 was confirmed this week!  NDSK1 is North Dakota State Koinonia #1.  The Newman Center here doesn’t have any retreat opportunities specifically for college students (yet!) so that’s what this will be.  Koinonia was started a few decades ago in Battle Creek, MI (home of the baseball team, the Battle Creek Bombers, members of the same league of everyone’s favorite Wisconsin Rapids Rafters!–that tangent was for you, dad…and Tiffany, if you read this!).  Anyway, if any of you Madisonians are interested in helping us out from afar please, please let me know! 🙂  NDSK1, here we come!  (It’s going to take place April 11-13.)

— 5 —

My little sister, Emma, had a phone interview for a potential job next year.  She sent an email asking for prayers.  After the interview she sent an I-aced-that-interview-and-I-think-I-just-got-offered-a-job-on-the-spot-update.  My oldest sister said that Jesus answered Thérèse’s prayers.  My uber-cute 3-year-old niece said, “Jesus please help Emmie. Thank you. We love you.”  Ah… no kidding Jesus answered that prayer.  How could anyone (especially an all-loving God) refuse that cuteness!?

— 6 —

I was in the New Orleans mood all week.  So, for Bible study we had a Mardi Gras party.  My B-stud is on Wednesdays.  So, since next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday it will be too late for a feast.  We had some buffalo chicken dip, Mardi Gras cupcakes and played a super hilarious game of telephone pictionary.*  I have big plans to post the pictures of what happened with my sentence and how a deserted island turned into a magic-Jesus-guitar-boat.  But, if you’re totally confused, stay tuned and check my blog for a full-blown description of that wild and ridiculous game!  Back to Bible study–we’re going to take a break from our Acts of the Apostles Bible study to do a special Lenten study on Jesus’ Passion.  I’m really excited about that!

— 7 —

Maybe I should just write one longer blog post everyday.  I don’t think “quick” takes are my thing.  I’m too long-winded and rambl-y for that noise!

*I originally wrote, “telephone dictionary.”  That sounds like the. worst. game. ever.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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