Day of Recollection Friday

The Friday from my random “week in the life of a missionary” was a bit different than most.  But, like I’ve said before, there’s not a typical week.  You never know what you’re going to get!

Friday was our first Day of Recollection.  The rules for the day as texted to me by Bryan, “No dships, no meetings with students. Things to do: pray, go on a walk, call family and friends, go to Mass anywhere but Newman, lay in the grass and watch the clouds float by.”  So, as a rule-follower, I followed the guidelines.

9:00 Rise and Shine
I slept in–it was glorious!

10:00 Coffee with Kimberly
Kimberly works on campus and Father introduced her to me a couple weeks prior.  She wen to school in Ohio, got her masters, and now works with Residence Life.  She’s also going through RCIA this year!  So, we decided to be friends.  It turns out we have a lot in common.  She’s going to join the book club (grown-ups only, I should add) that Kelsey and I are starting.

12:00 Mass and Prayer

2:00 Grab Some Culver’s for Lunch
Yum–perfect Day of Recollection food!

2:30 Go to Barnes and Noble for the Afternoon: Coffee and Strengths Finder
I went to Barnes and Noble and did some book shopping.  I got a couple gifts for people and also bought Strengths Finder 2.0.  I’ve been wanted to take that test for a while.  And, Kimberly mentioned in the morning and asked if I’ve ever done it.  So, I thought, no time like the present!  I grabbed some more coffee (more on the coffee-overload to come later!) and I spent the afternoon taking that quiz, reading the book and doing some other reading–fun reading!

5:30 Stop at the Grocery Store and Head Home

I stopped at the grocery store to buy a pizza for supper (Kelsey was gone for the weekend so I thought I’d buy a pizza and cook it and then I’d have food for the rest of the weekend).  I also stopped and grabbed some wine because it sounded totally delicious.

6:00 Work Out/Nap/Almost Die
I wasn’t hungry yet when I got home so I thought I’d workout.  That went fine, but then I was totally tired so I thought, “Hey, a 20 minute nap sounds delightful!”  And, nap I did.  I woke up to my alarm 20 minutes later and here’s where I almost died.  I think my alarm clock scared me; I think my coffee-to-food ratio was way off; I felt like my heart was going to stop beating.  I may have been over-reacting.  But, I hopped in the shower hoping my heart would slow down.  It did, eventually.  That’s the last time I ever nap right after working out on a day that I’ve had way. too. much. coffee.

The rest of the evening was quite relaxing.  I eventually made that pizza.  I painted my fingernails.  I went over to Bryan’s and watched Hot Rod* with some people.  Then, I came home and went to bed.


*Hot Rod.  It’s one of those movies that a lot of people would find totally dumb.  It’s also one of those movies that some find totally hilarious.  TJ is the former; Kelsey and Bryan, the latter.  I’m proud to say I’m in the group with Kelsey and Bryan.



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