Teaberry (Coffee, Panera…) Tuesdays

7am-9am The Usual Morning Routine

9am Holy Hour

10am Team Meeting
This is a tactical team meeting.  Father and Tara (the staff associate) join us for a bit of the meeting to go over dates of upcoming events and anything else they want to discuss.  Then, we continue the meeting for another hour or so.  We discuss things like or upcoming Senior Night, Student Missionary Events, Student Leadership Summit, Interview Weekends, and whatever else needs discussing/planning!  I like this meeting because I like details and we do details in this meeting!

11:30am Run Home and Get Ready and Eat Lunch
I ran back home to get things in order for the rest of the day.  I had to get ready for a couple dsicipleships and things like that.

1:15pm Leave for Teaberry* for D-ship with Carole
Carole is one of my 5 disciples.  She’s totally legit and totally fun (she loves pink. sparkles. baking. soccer.)  She’s plays soccer at a college just across the border (in Minnesota) and is going to start a Bible study with her soccer team.  I’m so excited for her to start this!  We went through the first chapter of a Bible study written by Varsity Catholic  and made specifically for athletes!  She’s excited to go through it with her brand new Bibles study!

2:45pm Back to Campus and jettin’ to the Union
I hopped in my car and drove back to my house.  I then grabbed what I needed and went to the union.

3:00pm Read
I had 15 minutes until my next discipleship so I started reading the first chapter, on 3 kinds of friendship, in Men, Women and the Mystery of Love.

3:15pm D-ship with Brookelle
Brookelle is a senior.  She’s great.  Just applied to Vet School.  I’m sure she’d appreciate any prayers you could spare for her applications and upcoming interviews!  We talked and got to know each other a bit (this was only the second time we’ve been able to meet).  Then, I lead her through Lectio Divina.  Next week, she’s leading me through Lectio.

4:30pm Drop stuff at home and drive to Panera**
I had supper with a girl in my “down-chain”, Jenny.  I mentioned her in a past post–she’s the one who called me “grandma” (because she’s my disciple’s disciple…aka, my granddaughter disciple).  Jenny and I had a great conversation and lovely dinner.  I also invited her into our newly beginning Intercessory Prayer Team!***  She was delighted at the invitation and I’m so excited she’s on board!

6:00pm Look at Pictures of Monica
Monica is the niece and goddaughter of Zoe, a senior here (who, I should add, I think is totally great!).  She showed Kelsey and me pictures of sweet Monica for a while.  She was cute enough to get her own section on the what-do-I-do-everyday post!

6:15pm Read! For real this time!
Kelsey and I lead a Tuesday night book study and we’re reading Men, Women and the Mystery of Love.  I wasn’t reading the book for fun earlier–I had a chapter to read before our book study that began in just over an hour!  It was poor planning on my part.  It’s always my goal to be finished preparing for any book/Bible studies by the day before I have them!  Fail this time–wasn’t the first, won’t be the last (just wait until Wednesday’s post).  But, next week I’ll schedule in reading-time for Monday!

7:30pm Book Study
Every week 15-25 women come over for our book study.  We had a great discussion on the three different kinds of friendships.  You should check out Men, Women and the Mystery of Love for a great read!  Eye opening and enjoyable!

9:00pm Mass
Mass was followed by chit-chatting with people in the vestibule for a while.  Then, I went home.  Tuesday nights are Kelsey and my we’re-really-not-tired-so-let’s-chat-for-far-too-long nights.  It’s a problem.  You’ll understand why when you read about Worthless Wednesday’s! 🙂

11:30/Midnight BED!

*Teaberry is a cute little tea/smoothie place downtown Fargo.  It’s cute.  I like it–even though I’m not a big fan of tea.

**Panera Bread Co. just opened on Monday over by the mall.  Everybody’s obsessed.

***We’re working on starting an Intercessory Prayer Team here on campus.  It will be made up of about 8 of us and we’ll meet weekly to pray together and we’ll fast together as well.  We will specifically intercede for the needs of the campus!  I’m so excited for this!


Administration Monday

Monday (this week) was heavily administrative.  I don’t have any weekly disciple meetings scheduled for Monday–which is great because there’s always 1,001 things to do on Mondays.  I’m sure you can relate.

8:00am Rise and Shine and Give God Your Glory Glory
I like to try and get up before 8, but i was still quite exhausted from BB and D’s wedding, so sleep in day it was!

9:00am Holy Hour
The daily date with Jesus!

10:00am Team Development
This week for team development we reviewed SL2.  SL2 is Situational Leadership, or Servant Leadership.  It’s all about helping to properly lead those you’re working with.  Based on “where someone’s at” you can choose the appropriate leadership model.  It’s great!  Search the web to learn more or ask me about it next time I see you–I really like it!

11:30pm Freak out and GSD
Have you ever started a job and not really taken time to get everything in order?  Then, you leave town for four days for your sister’s wedding and realize that you have to get all your ducks in a row, if you will.  Well, I got “home” to Fargo and realized that.  So, this Monday I spent a few hours organizing. my. life.  I did some email stuff, some organizing of MPD (Mission Partner Development, a.k.a. fundraising) things, filling out my planner.*  I GSDed (or, Got. Stuff. Done.)

3:00pm Team Divine Mercy Chaplet
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week our team prays a Chaplet of Divine Mercy together.  It’s great!

3:30pm until 4:40pm
I wish I could tell you what I did here–I’m writing this on Thursday so it’s a little fuzzy.  I believe I stayed at the Newman Center and did some prep work in our office!? 🙂

4:40pm Rosary and Mass at 5:15pm
I like to try and pray the Rosary with the kiddies (a.k.a. college students) before Mass when I can.

6:00pm Family Supper
Monday night is Family Supper night.  That means the FOCUS team and Father eat together at Kelsey and my apartment.  We take turns cooking.  This week was TJ’s turn.  TJ doesn’t cook.  We had Papa John’s. 🙂

7:30pm Phone Call with Steph
Steph is a first year missionary at my favorite school UW-Madison!  We chatted for an hour to get caught up on life and check in with each other.  It was great–and so necessary.  I enjoyed comparing stories and getting some encouragement from her!

9:00pm Shakey Monday’s with the Theta’s
Kelsey and I went to Shakey Monday’s with our friend Bailey.  Bailey is in a sorority and wanted us to meet some of her sisters.  She’s hoping to start a Bible study with some of them so, because it’s our job and we want to, we’re helping her out!  It was so fun to meet the four girls who camp for shakes.  BTW, Shakey Monday’s happens at this diner called Kroll’s–buy one, get one free shakes on Mondays! Yum!

10:30pm Debrief and head home
We headed home and sat in Bailey’s car for about a half hour lingering and chatting with her!

11:30pm-ish Call it a night and get ready for bed!

*I finally have a smarty-pants phone to keep track of my schedule–which I love!  If I’m with a student trying to find a time to meet, I just pull out my phone and can schedule something right away!  But, we also got these super-legit planners from FOCUS featuring the 50-Point-Week (which I’m obsessed with and will totally post about at a later date) so I’ve been wanting to use that too!

A Week in the Life of a Go Getta (a.k.a. Missionary)

So, I got back from a great weekend in Wisco for Darin and Libby’s wedding festivities.  And, naturally, I talked to a lot of people.  So many asked the million dollar question, “What do you actually do all day?”  So, I thought I’d document my week for ya’ll.  It will give you a little* idea of what the life of a missionary is like.

* I say “little” because every week is so different.  A week in the life of a missionary is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!  The only thing that’s for sure is that everyday will be an adventure! 🙂




Happy One Month Anniversary…To Me!

Well, folks, it’s been one month!  On August 17th, I arrived in Fargo, ND.  Today, it’s September 17th.  I started working on a cutesie-post with pictures to highlight all the totally great things happening on campus so far.  But, that was hours ago.  And here I am about to run to bed and crawl under the covers while that post still doesn’t exist.  Alas, sleep trumps well-done and fun blog posts.

I’m going to celebrate my one-month anniversary with a trip home to Wisco and will throw a big party Saturday night.  (a.k.a. I’m heading home for my sister BB’s wedding on Saturday!)  So exciting!!  

We celebrated my anniversary today by having a lovely visit from the School Sisters of Christ the King.  Two of the sisters stopped by on their tour-de-mid-west-colleges to offer spiritual direction and a talk on discernment.  Kelsey and I invited them over for supper and our Tuesday night book study.  It was a lot of fun; they are both very sweet!

Guten nach!



My sister posted this on her blog a while back. Sometimes I think about it randomly and wanted you all to see it so you can laugh with me.

Mastering the art of French cooking–err, rejection…

No, this post isn’t about using my free time learning how to master the art of French cooking just like Julia Child.  Mostly because I don’t have a plethora of free time…and I hate French food!

This is about the art of rejection–and, rest assured, it is an art!


So, this post goes way back to the days of fall outreach–like a week ago.  We would go to all the NDSU-sponsored events (I’ve mentioned some previously…), host our own events, give aways freezies at the union, and go to everything we could find that might have some students at it.

What, you wonder, is the goal of that?

Relationships. Phone numbers. Continued conversations. Coffee/lunch/fro yo dates.  (Hey, it reminds me of my friends’ goals from this post.)  Anyway, unlike the freshmen boys we also try to share the Gospel, invite people into Bible studies and to Mass–though, maybe I’m judging those boys, maybe they wanted to share the Gospel too!

While there are some successes, there’s also a lot of, ugh, rejections.  There’s one rejection that stands out vividly in my mind.

So, a big group of us (FOCUS missionaries, student missionaries and others from the Newman Center) hit up the NDSU Welcome Week Street Dance.  We roll in and turn eyes.  Why?  Because everyone is awkwardly standing around bouncing up and down a little and staring at the band.  Then, we wreak havoc.  By swing dancing all over the place.  People flock toward the people dancing and stare–cue perfect opportunity for a FOCUS missionary (or student missionary) to swoop in.

You walk up next to someone and throw out a little, “Wow, this is pretty cool.  Do you swing dance?”  Usually followed by something like a “No, but it’s so cool.  I’d love to but I don’t know how.”  Then, you say, “Oh, by the way, I’m Jane.  What’s your name?”  After a few more minutes of convo you “make the ask”.

“Oh, yeah, this is just a bunch of kids from the Newman Center.  Do you know where that is?  Well, we actually have dances like this all the time.  And, there’s totally free lessons beforehand if you’re interested in learning how to dance.  If you want, just give me your number and I’ll shoot you a text when we have our first one.”* (As you ask, confidently grab your phone as though you’re sure they’re going to totally want in on the Newman Center dances.)

Well, I did just that.  There was a sweet little awkward girl that had lonely freshman written all over her face.  (a.k.a. She looked like a Freshie and was standing all alone.)  I excused myself from my conversation with some student missionaries and headed over to the cute little girl–the whole time I was confidently thinking I could totally ask her to join a Bible study and come to other Newman Center dances.  Well, we talk for a while.  I was right, she’s a freshman.  She likes NDSU so far and really enjoys the swing dancing–though she has no clue how to dance but would love to learn.  She’s Lutheran.  After talking to her for a while** I “make the ask”.  I’m grabbing my phone and she says, “Yeah, probably not.  I think I’ll watch them for now.”  Silencing me.  Leaving me with nothing to say–which, mind you, is a feat!  I so awkwardly could think of nothing to say that I shimmied away and went back to the side of the dance floor where people would actually talk to me.  I asked one of the guy student missionaries to teach her to dance and he did.  But, alas, I was rejected by a cute little girl I could stick in my pocket and that I think may have never told anyone “no” before.

I write this to (obviously) update you all a bit on what’s happening here in the 58102.  But, mostly, to remind all of you single women/tell you for the first time of the advice of the Father’s Eric (from Madison).  If a boy asks you out, you always say yes to the first date.***  I have experienced the rejection.  It’s not fun!  So don’t go around rejecting people!  (Though, it does make for funny memories…)


P.S. We all know that, as missionaries desiring to spread the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, we will get rejected.  But, I have great hope and find comfort in the words of Jesus from John 15:

If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.

I know that I would not be doing my job if I didn’t get rejected for the sake of the Kingdom.  So, I have a clear idea of what lies on my path and that is…


*The “ask” doesn’t have to be specifically about swing dances.  Actually, it’s usually an ask into a Bible study or to Mass!

**The first of the three steps on FOCUS’s model of evangelization is to “win” (followed by “build” and “send”).  The idea for the win stage is to win people over through genuine friendships.  The point is to genuinely desire to be friends with the people you are reaching out to.  FOCUS has learned–and I agree–that conversions and opportunities for further conversation about the faith occur more frequently (and easily) through genuine friendships.  It will be easier for me to tell you about the faith if I actually know you–and like you!

***There is an exception to the always-go-on-a-first-date rule.  That is, if the guy totally creeps you out, you are allowed to politely decline the offer.